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Climbing in Greece: Meteora

Located in central Greece, the rocks of Meteora are a once in a lifetime rock climbing experience!

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The diversity of beaches, limestone crags and mild climate make Kalymnos an ideal place for climbing!

Hiking in Greece

Discover nature in a land of contrasts. Explore Greece!

Trekking Enipeas gorge

Trekking along the Eurorean path E4 (Mount Olympus)!

Rafting in Zagori

Discover the ultimate rafting destination in Greece!

Explore the breathtaking natural scenery and the mountainous trails of Epirus

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Rafting in river Aggitis

rafting AggitisRiver Aggitis is a tributary of River Strymonas. Located in Northern Greece, in the prefectures of Serres and Drama, Aggitis is a wonderful rafting destination. Only an hour away from the city of Thessaloniki, travellers have the chance to enjoy brilliant rafting routes and unique flora.

River Aggitis is 75 klm long and it is considered to be the most important tributary of Strymonas, as it surrounded by enormous trees and rare flora. The region offers visitors the opportunity to practice rafting using two different routes; The first route is suitable for families, as it is a fairly easy route. The second route is appropriate for those who are experts, as this route is graded from two up to grade three. Therefore, the second route is a must for those who are keen on rafting and looking for a real rafting adventure.

Due to the morphology of the ground, a number of extreme sports can be practiced near river Aggitis. Except for rafting, visitors can practice canyoning and river trekking, as the region is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Morever, Aggitis cave is a unique creation of nature located 20 minutes away from the city of Drama. Aggitis cave is 21 klm long,offering visitors exceptional views.





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